Vault Ranks Advocate in their Annual Top 50 Consulting Firms for 2016 for 1st Time

Advocate Recognized in Two Quality of Life Categories

Norcross, GA, September 22, 2015 – recently announced its annual consulting 50 Rankings for 2016 and Advocate - The Cloud & Connectivity Insiders, were named #17 for Best Consulting Firms for Diversity–Military Veterans– and #18 Best Consulting Firms for Philanthropy. This marks the first year Advocate, a global IT consulting and technology lifecycle services firm that helps companies transform, optimize and manage their cloud and connectivity infrastructure, made Vault’s annual Consulting 50 list for two Quality of Life categories. highlights the employment opportunities available in the consulting industry with the release of its annual Vault Consulting 50 Rankings for 2016. The rankings are based on the results of Vault’s annual Management and Strategy Consulting Survey, where more than 9,000 consulting professionals of all levels assessed their peer consulting firms and also rated their own firm’s quality of life in such categories as firm culture and compensation, among others.

The rankings offer a deeper analysis into career paths available to consultants with tools to help job seekers understand which firms are not only the most prestigious, but also excel in particular practice areas, offer the best quality of life, and provide the best diversity options. Vault continues to provide a unique career alternative with the latest release of its best boutique consulting firms, a ranking only in its second year.

“As an emerging niche player in the IT services field, Advocate offers potential employees a career path that combines interesting work with the sort of work-life balance that is hard to find at larger firms in the industry. As you will see in the comments posted online, employees tend to talk in glowing terms about life at the firm when it comes to concepts like balance. Entrepreneurial opportunities abound, making this firm a great fit for a dedicated self-starter,” said Phil Stott, Vault’s Consulting Editor.

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Tim Wise, Co-founder and President of Advocate, said “We are honored to be included in Vault’s annual Consulting 50 list for the Quality of Life categories Diversity and Philanthropy as a boutique firm. It speaks to our employees’ insights into Advocate’s commitment to diversity, especially with respect to military veterans, and philanthropy.” He added, “As Advocate continues to grow, we want prospective ‘Insiders’ to know that we are not your typical IT consulting firm. We understand the importance of a good work-life balance, diversity and community involvement.”

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