Data will always drive smarter decisions. Only now, the way we share that information is progressing at nearly incalculable speeds — with new technologies for delivering it changing monthly, or even weekly.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) employs cloud-based software services to streamline and integrate enterprise-based communications, including voicemail, chat, telephony, email, as well as web, audio, and video conferencing. Most enterprises already use the cloud for storage, governance, workflow and other business applications. In fact, a recent industry survey indicates that 83 percent of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020.1 It’s well known that UCaaS is here to stay. Now, we’re learning just how prevalent and all-encompassing it is.

Every call that comes into your contact center includes critical information — including customer details, feedback, requests and other content — that you can use to make faster, more informed decisions. Unfortunately, legacy private branch exchange (PBX) systems can’t adequately capture that information. As a result, it can remain hidden in silos, isolated from the people who need it most. UCaaS transforms how people communicate internally and externally by funneling data from phone calls directly to people and applications automatically.

UCaaS adoption is inevitable. It’s not a matter of if enterprises will switch to the cloud for voice data applications — it’s a matter of when is best to begin. After all, it’s the best, most cost-effective method to leverage data collaboratively, so you can work smarter, more productively and more efficiently — and gain a competitive advantage on those who have yet to adopt similar strategies.

Early adoption offers long-lasting benefits

There’s a technology talent shortage. In fact, one survey indicates that an astonishing 65 percent of CIOs believe that hiring challenges are hurting the IT industry.2 You can spend your money battling other companies for talent. Or, you can hire a company specializing in UCaaS with a clear model to manage it for you — often, for significantly less investment.

UCaaS doesn’t require capital expenditures. More importantly, it enables you to optimize your current infrastructure investments, so you don’t accrue sunk costs. Whether you host everything on-premises or create a hybrid model by adding cloud-based voice data services to your infrastructure, you can scale UCaaS to meet your needs, including as legacy equipment is phased out. It doesn’t matter how UCaaS is hosted — only what it offers you and your customers.

Go mobile. Give employees and customers the same experience every time, wherever they are. Integrate the data into everyday applications, such as a CRM system or analytic database, so you can access and share it with others for better decisioning. After all, it’s not about what speeds, feeds or technologies you have, it’s about how you can tie data into your core business. UCaaS turns integration into a convenient, cost-efficient point-and-click exercise.

Making smarter, more disruptive decisions

Voice data relied heavily on big, heavy, legacy, solution providers for decades. Now, companies are seeking disruptors who can challenge the status quo with more nimble, intuitive and economical cloud-based services. UCaaS companies are laser-focused on developing and deploying innovative new tools to change the way we work and communicate across the enterprise. After all, their entire business depends on providing those technologies and services better than anybody else.

The old-guard solution providers of the past are on notice. Traditionally, the biggest roadblocks for disruptive companies have been the organizations that created the previous generation of applications and technologies. When Cisco purchased BroadSoft, it sent shockwaves through the enterprise IT market. Voice data is heading toward UCaaS. And there’s no going back.

A golden opportunity

We’re in the middle of a Gold Rush for trusted advisors. With new and ever-evolving choices, IT decision-makers require savvy insights and expertise to differentiate between UCaaS service providers. Whether you’re a Microsoft or Cisco shop, use proprietary methods or something else entirely, Advocate can find the UCaaS model that best accommodates your specific requirements and budget.

Are you ready to disrupt — and dramatically improve — the way you conduct business? Give us a call to see how we can help.

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