Develop a strategy to modernize your network infrastructure.

Over the past decade, the network era has morphed into constant “anytime, anywhere” connectivity driven by the cloud. Unfortunately, traditional enterprise IT infrastructures were built for a less interconnected time and can’t keep pace with modern demands. As a result, today’s networks are expensive, inefficient and rigid.

That’s why Advocate’s Network Transformation Workshop is so important for your company’s future. And it’s available just in time.

Our one-day Workshop will help you envision, plan and develop a framework around your specific network transformation execution. Designed specifically for enterprise IT leaders, the Workshop allows you to find opportunities to reduce costs, improve performance and drive business outcomes.

It is facilitated in-person and structured to include broad representation from all your key stakeholders. Once completed, you will have clear insight into the best approach to transform your legacy network architecture into an agile, optimized, cloud-enabled network solution.


  • Gain valuable insights into your current state compared to industry benchmarks on performance and cost
  • Discover the best network transformation options to reduce complexity and cost, improve performance and meet your business objectives
  • Align your business with the latest technologies and digital models
  • Identify and define high-level next steps to execute your chosen network transformation strategy


This Workshop showed us how we can achieve a 25% cost reduction with an upgraded network architecture.

VP of IT Infrastructure
Large Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Company


With this Workshop, we now have a vision for our future IT architecture.

Financial Services Company

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