Technology Business Management

Founded on transparency of costs, consumption and performance, TBM gives technology leaders and their business partners the facts they need to collaborate on business-aligned decisions.

Achieve More with Technology Business Management

Technology has changed everything, including the way you do business. That is why it is critical that you manage IT like a business — making better investment decisions, based on cost reduction and value creation.

Advocate provides Technology Business Management (TBM) expertise, solutions and managed services — combining market intelligence with decision analytics — to accelerate IT value across the enterprise so you can achieve more savings, better outcomes and gain more influence.

Be More Responsive

Where do you start with TBM? Often, it’s by capitalizing on change in your organization. Whether it’s new customer demands, new leadership, a merger or other significant event — let Advocate assess and manage your core functional areas, including:

  • Spend Visibility Spend Visibility
  • Financial Strategy Financial Strategy
  • Solutions Management Solutions Management
  • Vendor Insights Vendor Insights
  • Portfolio Management Portfolio Management
  • Change Management Change Management

A Custom TBM Journey Leveraging Best-in-Class Tools

Advocate Technology Business Management Journey

Change the Conversation

Speed the shift from cost center to strategic partner by shifting the conversation to business outcomes.

Advocate Shift Chart


Transform Your Digital Growth Plan

Advocate’s white paper, Delivering the Value of Your Technology: Insights to Action, illustrates how IT organizations can gain the insights and establish the credibility to move beyond keeping the lights on — to doing what matters more.