TBM Simplified — Technology Business Management-as-a-Service (TBMaaS)

Why reinvent the wheel by hiring and training your own people for TBM? Get immediate access to experienced TBM specialists, refined processes and sophisticated tools — the Advocate Foundation™ team.

TBMaaS — the Ultimate Hand-off

Doing TBM well takes specific skills — skills that are not in your wheelhouse — and don’t need to be. That’s where Advocate TBM-as-a-Service (TBMaaS) comes in. Our team of TBM specialists and trainers take ownership of your TBM processes and tools to continuously identify value so you can prioritize IT investments and achieve business outcomes.

Actions to Outcomes

The path to TBM value realization is through reinvesting uncovered savings in projects and solutions that drive change for your business. Significant and measurable changes like increasing revenue or expanding into new markets. We call this process “Actions to Outcomes.”

With this process, revenue, profit margin, COGS, operating expense and other business outcomes can be your focus. Let us handle the mechanics of running your TBM Office.

We take action by applying our TBM discipline, passion for process, automation excellence and expertise to uncover savings. Then we help you identify what matters more to your organization and build a business case that supports reinvesting savings in outcomes that connect to your ROI and business strategy.

Let’s Get Started

If you’re new to TBM, the TBM Workshop is the perfect first step. It will help you understand the benefits and value of the journey to define your destination and visualize the components of your future solution. If you’re already experienced with TBM, we recommend our TBM Roadmap. It provides an actionable plan, estimated budget and projected ROI so you can fast-track your TBM Execution and ensure success.