Advocate Strategy

The Strategy Practice helps your enterprise design, build and execute the TBM strategy to achieve long-term goals.

Create a More Strategic IT Roadmap

All you have to do is… everything. Transform the organization. Disrupt the competition. Outsmart the hackers. Reduce TCO. Rationalize applications. And do it all while paying off debt and stretching a skinny budget.

Let us work with you to define, build and execute an IT strategy infused with TBM principles for faster, analytics-driven decision-making that can help you redistribute technology investments according to business-driven priorities.

Meet More Demands

Whether you’re just beginning your TBM journey, or in need of a functional tune-up engagement, everyone begins the same — with a customized and comprehensive business case for your IT organization.

Our Strategy Practice team can show you how to leverage TBM principles to aggregate and prioritize your business needs and maximize business outcomes.

We build your IT strategy based on spending, productivity, and desired business outcomes.

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Advocate is clearly demonstrating that it is the premier TBM services company by delivering more favorable, more return on technology investment - faster to its enterprise clients while enabling them to do what matters more.

Create an IT Strategy by Addressing Financial Management

We build your IT strategy based on data analysis including spending, productivity and desired business outcomes.

Become the Strategic Partner the Business Needs

Only when the CIO and IT are able to articulate their contribution to the enterprise in terms of “investment outcomes” versus “technology activity” can they win back control and re-emerge as the strategic partner focused on business empowerment.