Advocate Rebrands to Help IT Leaders Do What Matters More

Advocate today announced a major rebranding, reflecting the company's evolution beyond "The Cloud and Connectivity Insiders" to "The Premier Technology Business Management (TBM) Services Company."

Advocate's co-founder and President Scott Fogle explained the branding shift, "Our branding has finally caught up to the company's evolving products and services. Now, it truly reflects the products and services our team delivers every day. We've long since expanded beyond the company's roots in connectivity. Today, we provide our clients with solutions across all areas of IT – and our new branding does a much better job of capturing the scope of those solutions."

Most organizations realize they must apply technology across the enterprise, not only for competitive advantages but to achieve market expansion and other business outcomes. "TBM has emerged as the best framework to guide technology investment. At Advocate, we deliver a combination of spend optimization and value realization services that identify and capture the business outcomes from our clients' technology investment. This shift in our brand highlights the TBM framework and reflects the fact that TBM has matured to the point that companies recognize it as the best-in-class approach for helping IT organizations 'run IT like a business'" said Tim Wise, co-founder and President of Advocate.

Chad Doiron, Advocate's Chief Marketing Officer says, "Our focus is now reflected in changes that our clients will see and appreciate. For example, our new website not only clarifies our services, it serves as an educational platform for TBM itself. Plus, you'll notice our new slogan "Do What Matters MoreSM' which articulates the reason 'why' Advocate does what it does … to help IT leaders do what matters more for their enterprises. Beyond that, for our aspirational employees who are motivated by the desire to make a difference in the world, 'Do What Matters More' represents a call to action …something they can rally around for the benefit of our clients, colleagues and community."


About Advocate

Advocate helps IT leaders transform from cost center to strategic partner by shifting the conversation to business outcomes. That's not easy when most of your resources are tied up in KTLO and you've got a world of other priorities vying for your attention. As the premier TBM services company with more than 600 enterprise clients, Advocate uncovers more funds to invest, enables more business outcomes and creates more influence overall. After assessing over $50 billion in IT spend, we know how to find the savings and identify the investments that will make the most impact. It's why we've helped clients save over $200 million in the last two years alone. Just show us your data – and we'll show you exactly where you can free up the working capital to do what matters more. Learn more at