Take a more strategic, more insightful run at optimization


Like every other IT leader, you’re looking for ways to reduce spend and get more bang for the buck. So, what’s the next step?

Even after collaborating with your management and operations teams, significant savings have a way to remain hidden from view. Finding them hinges on whether you know what to look for, where to find it, and how to use that information to your advantage. And finding them is critical, because each offers an opportunity for you to reduce IT spend, while freeing up capital to strategically invest elsewhere to grow and transform your business.

That’s why Advocate created proprietary Run Reduction Tables. Developed by our team of TBM experts from decades of tracking IT spend across multiple industries, the tables provide a comprehensive roadmap for achieving IT spend optimization.

Follow the optimization roadmap

Our Run Reduction Tables encapsulate decades of IT experience. They include benchmarks for the six cost pools commonly found across the enterprise. By following the specially designed tables, you can identify a wide range of savings opportunities and begin crafting complex strategies to reduce those expenses — strategies that address both long-term value realization and short-term quick wins.

Our experts understand common spending patterns for each cost pool and what the “typical” IT organization spends in each area. More importantly, our experts understand the relationships between spending and sub-categories and how they affect each other. For example, reducing outside labor typically requires an accompanying shift in standards and/or software costs.

Advocate’s approach to run reduction is to break cost pools into smaller and smaller sub-categories by using specific proven techniques for savings for each level.

We realize that you want to see tangible results. That’s why we assess each category on measurable metrics — such as cost-per-minute for voice services or hourly rate for temporary contract employees — for more accurate and informative analysis.

Find your true savings potential

Advocate believes there’s significant value in using savvy negotiating to revise contracts favorably and reduce IT spend. But we also realize that’s only half of the story. Our Run Reduction Tables identify other ways for you reduce costs simultaneously.

By reducing the common tendency to over-purchase software licenses to avoid audit issues, you can reduce subscription costs by an additional 10 percent. For each category on the Run Reduction Tables, we’ve highlighted where you can achieve the highest savings potential, whether via the “Negotiation” or the “Optimization” path.


There are tangible, specific and actionable opportunities for you to reduce costs across the enterprise. Our Run Reduction Tables will help you discover IT savings, so you can reinvest in growth and transformation.

Are you ready to do more? Contact us to see how we can use our proprietary Run Reduction Tables to quickly optimize your IT spend.