The Background

This IT management company delivers software that helps customers master the complexity of IT. From mainframe to cloud to mobile, the company pairs high-speed digital innovation with robust IT industrialization — allowing their customers to provide amazing user experiences with optimized IT performance, cost, compliance and productivity. The company has approximately 6,000 employees that serve 16,000 clients in 120 countries and 100+ agents handling both internal with external support.

The Challenges

With 8 contact centers on 4 continents, there was little integration among the company’s multiple contact centers and platforms, which led to a discontinuity in handling contacts and a lack of call metrics. This corporate/IT initiative was to move from a premises-based contact center to an integrated, cloud-based contact center allowing for multi-modality (voice, chat and email), more interactivity among groups, and growth up to 750 agents.

There was little integration among the company’s multiple contact centers and platforms, which led to inefficiencies in handling contacts and a lack of call metrics.

The Solution

We conducted an extensive review of the company’s contact center operations to obtain requirements of their current and future state needs. Advocate accelerated the evaluation and sourcing process for a cloud-based contact center utilizing our DAPSIM model. Based upon the responses, criteria and scoring methodology, Advocate made a recommendation for the best cloud contact center service provider and along with the client negotiated highly favorable pricing and terms.

Transforming your communications challenges into a strategic advantage

Transforming an inefficient, premises-based contact center with multiple platforms and service providers to a unified multi-modal cloud contact center allowed for proficient international call routing and increased customer service ratings. Advocate also helped the client move to the right pricing model, usage-based.

The transition to a cloud-based contact center allowed us to move to the right pricing model, which is usage-based.

The Result

  • Advocate’s contact center strategy allowed for better cost control due to the move from a capital-based model to a usage-based model.

  • The global cloud-based contact center service provider delivered an integrated multi-mode solution that services and supports up to 750 agents.

  • The company has seen an increase in agent productivity and higher customer satisfaction ratings due to international overflow routing.

By moving its contact centers the the cloud, the company increased its agents’ productivity and improved its customers' satisfaction ratings.