"We had no understanding of TBM. Fortunately, Advocate was there to educate us. Now, we have a framework to justify investments and can clearly articulate our strategy to business leaders."

The Background

As a leader in global infrastructure solutions, Gannett Fleming, Inc. offers engineering, architecture, planning and construction expertise for a wide range of markets and disciplines. Its team of designers, planners, information technology specialists, program managers and scientists fuel innovative, transformative outcomes that deliver sustainable value for clients.

The Challenges

With digital disruptors and converging industries shaping the future of large infrastructure programs and projects, the firm needed to proactively invest in their current architecture and emerging technologies to establish competitive advantages in the marketplace. The previous IT leaders viewed IT as a cost center requesting very few investments in IT that would grow or transform the business. Historically, IT had rarely requested or articulated the value of large IT investments to key business stakeholders. The team turned to Advocate to leverage the TBM framework to translate investments into business outcomes that would resonate with business leaders on the importance of IT spending and rally support for proposed investments.

The Solution

Advocate conducted a budget articulation project to align projects to the business outcomes expected from the investments which allowed the CTO to socialize the proposed investments in business terms and align on expected value with business line leadership. IT leaders utilized the actions to outcomes framework, talking points and concepts from the assessment focusing on cost, value and business-driven outcomes to demonstrate how IT will be investing differently and rally support from the business line leadership. The articulation of the IT investments and business outcomes enabled the business line leadership to fully support IT investments with the executive team and ultimately gain approval for a 34% increase in the overall budget.

"By prioritizing investments in the proposed portfolio and clearly articulating them to business leaders, we established credibility and earned their trust that the sizable IT budget increase would be invested wisely."

Kevin Switala – Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Gannett Fleming, Inc.

The Result

  • Convinced business leaders to increase annual IT budget by 34 percent

  • Gained more credibility with the Board of Directors

  • Defined key, measurable performance metrics for investments to quantify success

This Advocate engagement helped us regain trust from the business and develop deeper, stronger partnerships moving forward like no other individual project has.