Successful engagements require knowledge of the framework, deep IT operations expertise and the discipline to follow process — from a proven, experienced partner you can trust.

Expertise to Run IT Like a Business

As the Premier TBM Services Company, Advocate is dedicated to leveraging the TBM discipline for more transparency, stronger performance and better outcomes for our clients. We’re recognized for a mature TBM framework and best-in-class approach that empowers companies to successfully “run IT like a business” without incurring unnecessary risk.

We Are Your Advocate

We’re client-centric. In fact, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Consider us your “supporter, sponsor, promoter, campaigner, backer and spokesperson.” We believe in you — and we’re driven to have you believe in us, our process and our collaboration.

We’re data-driven. We use market intelligence, decision analytics and customizable TBM services to help you reduce costs, invest wisely, align your business decisions and accelerate value.

By applying our TBM discipline, processes, automation excellence and expertise, we can uncover savings, identify what matters more to your organization and build a better business case. Advocate experts help you make more informed decisions and reinvest in areas where you can grow and transform the business.

Our Services Power Our Mission

Most organizations realize they must apply technology across the enterprise — not only for competitive advantages, but to achieve market expansion and other business outcomes. TBM is the ideal framework to guide technology investment. That’s why we combine spend optimization and value realization services to identify and deliver MORE business outcomes for your technology investment.

Industry Leadership

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    TBM Council & TBM Conference

    For years, Advocate has participated at the TBM Council’s annual TBM Conference to help drive the future of TBM. Advocate encourages its experts to share TBM insights by speaking at this and other industry and IT-related events.

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    LinkedIn Group “The TBM Executive Advisory Forum”

    To help facilitate collaboration between TBM practitioners, Advocate hosts the TBM Executive Advisory Forum on LinkedIn. The group brings current and future TBM executives together to share best practices, industry trends and the latest TBM methodologies. The virtual bi-monthly events are designed specifically to encourage knowledge sharing between participants.

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    Annual Insider Summit

    Advocate hosts an annual Insider Summit — an IT leadership conference and peer networking event — so the industry’s most influential leaders can share “Insider” perspectives on transforming their IT organization into a disruptive business powerhouse. Attendees participate in panels to discuss the most thought-provoking trends in TBM. They gain exposure to leading CIOs and other senior IT executives, build new relationships and prepare for what’s next in the ever-changing world of technology — while gathering valuable first-hand industry insights.

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    Continuing Education

    Our leaders continue their TBM education by attending global conferences, regional executive summits, industry workgroup meetings, teleconferences and more. In addition, Advocate’s executives maintain their TBM certifications through continual education channels.

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    Thought Leadership

    Advocate consistently shares TBM insights on its website and social media through blog articles, videos, webinars, newsletters, news articles, white papers and more.

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    Strategic Partnership with Apptio

    Advocate partners with Apptio to offer customers the combined expertise of the industry’s premier consulting and software firms. All our team members have earned level 1 TBM certifications from Apptio and many of our executives have advanced Apptio certifications.