Equinix Partnership with Advocate

Who We Are

Advocate is your proven network and cloud technology consulting partner. Together, we can provide organizations with smarter solutions, and at the same time, make you more money, faster. Equinix Professional Services (EPS) has teamed up with Advocate to leverage its leadership of carrier-neutral, cloud- connected data centers with Advocate’s network and cloud technical expertise so you can offer a more robust solution, at a premium price, and accelerate your wins over competitors.

The Advocate Advantage

With over 17 years of experience advising enterprise customers, our team of Insiders has led network, data center and cloud transformations for over 600 clients. We know our vertical industry knowledge, global experience and technical expertise can promote the Equinix sales plan – it’s already happening now!

How We Sell Smarter. Together.

Advocate supports and accelerates EPS Cloud, Performance Hub, ECX and IOA sales process through current state discovery and assessment, planning network and cloud transformations and sourcing key vendors. We’re also delivering qualified leads to your team, and can work with you to help you close those deals. Our partnership easily and efficiently allows you to connect to our customers on a global scale.

Partner with Advocate and Offer Your Clients More

In an effort to help drive our partnership forward, here’s how our proven partnership benefits you:

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    Offer smarter solutions to your clients.
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    Empower your clients to break from the status quo with a detailed business case supporting the Equinix solution.
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    Makes you money faster!
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    Accelerates your wins over competitors.

Two-Day IOA

Click here to download the two-day IOA Transformation Workshop data sheet that both Advocate and EPS facilitate.

Download Data Sheet

Selling Smarter.

Click here to download the data sheet that explains how we Sell Smarter, Together in more detail.

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Contact Us

For more information about how partnering with Advocate guarantees greater success, contact our Vice President, Partners.