Since you’re interested in Cloud Optimization, watch Equinix’s Global VP of Technology Ryan Mallory explain how he and Advocate are providing ROI to Cloud Optimization customers.


Here’s a transcript of the video for your convenience. 

What’s valuable to you in the relationship with Advocate?

I couldn’t be happier with the relationship that my organization the global solution architects and professional services team at Equinix has with Advocate, we’ve really been able to connect at a true partnership level where it’s not just about trying to go and tactfully find customers, but it’s about driving market-based solutions creating opportunities out there not only for our sales team, but for the Advocate sales team, and being able to drive impactful end results for our customers.

We wouldn’t be successful in a lot of the engagements that we are involved in with Network Transformation, Cloud Optimization and capabilities associated with this multi-tiered architecture if we weren’t fortunate enough to have a partnership with Advocate.

What are some of the problems Advocate and Equinix are trying to solve for clients?

When you go out in the marketplace the overhaul scale and scope of issues that customers are faced with today are really, truly immense and so being able to look at those together with a partner like Advocate allows us to really compartmentalize and execute on not only what the technical strategies are but what are the financial strategies and most importantly how do they accomplish their goals and a means that allows them to achieve the greatest return on their investment.

What do you see coming in the next year with the Equinix/Advocate relationship?

As time progresses over the next year or two, the relationship with Advocate is just going to continue to blossom.  We are not only going to look at what we are trying to do today with these complex solutions around network and the cloud, but really what’s going to happen with the virtualization of the data. What are we going to need to do in order to ensure that our customers continue to see returns on investment by doing business with us not just as single entities but together. So I truly feel that the partnership with Advocate is only in the beginning we are in the infancy stage and we are going to continue to blossom over the next 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 years.

Why did Equinix choose Advocate?

So Equinix chose Advocate originally as an internal execution partner to leverage their services to help Equinix understand our own IT spend.  Over time what we realized is not only did Advocate have a great product and was a great partner for our internal uses, but we were able to craft this relationship into going out and addressing key initiatives that we saw in the marketplace and being able to accomplish more than we could have done on our own.  So Equinix looked at this not only from our internal services capability but also how could we leverage what we were using to gain value and deliver that same value to our customers.