If you’re interested in Telecom Expense Management or TEM, watch BMC Software’s CIO Scott Crowder explain how he leveraged his TEM solution and reduced annual telecom costs by 20% in this brief video.


Here’s a transcript of the video for your convenience. 

Why did you choose Advocate?

We chose Advocate because we wanted to engage people that actually understood our business as well as understood really what was going on in the industry. This is a big deal for us. We spend millions of dollars on telecom on an annual basis and really if we can just cut 10 or 15, 20% of that, it is key for us. It makes a big difference in the business and not only that it allows us to invest in new R&D for new products.

What types of IT challenges has Advocate helped you solve?

Really the telecom expense management piece was a big thing that Advocate helped with. I would say also some of the procurement and sourcing around some of our new telecom needs with regards to SIP trunking and things like that.

Highlight the Results

This was a big project for us, UCNC is really one of the key differentiators I would say as far as our portfolio was concerned.  A lot of people have tried to do unified communications and collaborations and have failed.  I think with Advocate’s real leadership, I would say with regards to UCNC, they helped us get through the journey and quite frankly it couldn’t be more successful.