The Background

BMC Software is an IT management company that provides software that helps customers master complex IT solutions. From mainframe to cloud to mobile, the company combines high speed digital innovation with robust IT industrialization, making it possible for customers to provide amazing user experiences with optimized IT performance, cost, compliance and productivity.

The Challenges

The company has about 6,000 employees who serve 16,000 clients in 120 countries. The company was facing a perfect storm of change and opportunity as a new fiscal year approached. It was replacing its aging hardware at the same time its carrier contracts were coming up for renegotiation. Its bandwidth growth was pushing past the cost effectiveness of its legacy technology, while data center consolidation was applying pressure to network latency.

BMC Software was going through a hardware refresh while renegotiating carrier contracts; financial modeling showed the entire network needed a change.

The Solution

Network Transformation provided an across-the-board solution for the challenges this company was facing. By pushing applications closer to the edge of the Internet, the company will be able to use business applications much more quickly. The switch frees the company from legacy contracts and unsustainable MPLS growth, while connecting it to a next-generation solution for speed and cost savings. These improvements mean the customer can get its products to market more quickly as well.

Transforming your network challenges into a next-generation advantage.

BMC Software faced several drivers as it considered Network Transformation. It needed a hybrid and private cloud solution while facing bandwidth growth that was taking its legacy technology beyond the point of cost effectiveness. Competing issues of cost control and speed in IT were affecting product development and data center consolidation was affecting latency. Embracing Network Transformation resolves these issues and is projected to generate millions of dollars in savings.

Partnering with Advocate on Network Transformation will not only save us millions of dollars annually but also significantly improve our employee experience.

Scott Crowder, CIO, BMC Software

The Result

  • Expected ROI of $5 million through cost savings, enhanced carrier contracts and improved application speed.

  • The ability for BMC Software to own its data and network management, whether through software defined networks, outsourced managed services or enhanced equipment to control security and data flow.

  • Increased ability to get products to market more quickly. The company expects to grow its revenue through increased collaboration and communication, resulting in the ability to get products to market much more quickly.

Network Transformation is the next generation. It will save us millions while improving our technology.

Ross McElroy, Director of Unified Communications, BMC Software