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OPTIMIZATION: 05.11.2021

Accelerate your value creation through IT optimization

by Esther Kim

ADVOCATE: 04.27.2021

Accelerate into Digital Transformation with Advocate

by Esther Kim

TBM: 12.10.2020

TBMC20 On-Demand Session – Perfecting the TBM Journey – Best Practices for Accelerating Value


10/13/20 UCaaS Virtual Event: Unified Strategy for Unified Communications

TBM: 10.14.2020

10/06/20 The TBM Executive Advisory Forum Webinar

TBM: 12.06.2019

Webinar 12/03/2019 “IT Planning and the Value of TBM”

ADVOCATE: 11.09.2019

Dallas Technology Ball

Dallas, TX

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TBM: 11.04.2019

Technology Business Management (TBM) Conference

Las Vegas, NV

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ADVOCATE: 10.25.2019

Georgia CIOs Leadership Association Breakfast

Atlanta, GA

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ADVOCATE: 10.24.2019

2019 Insider Summit Ring Central Presentation


Channel Partners Evolution

Washington, D.C.

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INSIDER SUMMIT: 09.16.2020

Advocate’s Insider Summit

Charleston, SC

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Beacon of Light in a Sea of IT Service Providers

by Carol Kelly

TBM: 09.05.2019

The TBM Executive Advisory Forum Webinar 09/03/2019 “The Birth of TBM and its Current Life Stage”


Improving Workplace Processes Seamlessly, Automatically

by Angela Saldana

TBM: 07.17.2019

Webinar 07/10/2019 “Making Smarter Decisions Faster”

TBM: 07.15.2019

The World of IT Financial Management Conference

San Antonio, TX

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STRATEGY: 06.06.2019

Advocate helps Gannett Fleming IT convince their business leaders to increase annual budget by 34%

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OPTIMIZATION: 06.05.2019

Optimization is the First Step with TBM

by Talon Frost

TBM: 06.04.2019

Technology Business Management Brochure

TBM: 05.31.2019

Webinar 05/22/2019 “Building and Running a TBM Office”

TBM: 05.03.2019

Actions to Outcomes – The Route to TBM Value Realization

by Tim Pietro

TBM: 04.04.2019

The TBM Executive Advisory Forum LinkedIn Group Webinar


How UCaaS Disrupters are a Stabilizing Force for IT

by Brad O'Brien and Bob Howard

ADVOCATE: 03.15.2019

Advocate Sponsors 2019 Dallas CIO of the Year Awards Ceremony

ADVOCATE: 03.12.2019

Advocate hosts LinkedIn group and events for technology leaders to manage the business of I.T.

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TBM: 03.08.2019

Is Your Company’s IT the Drug Store or the Doctor?

by Keith Coggin and Jeremy Morin and Alex Sullivan

OPTIMIZATION: 02.11.2019

Merger “Excitement” (?) — You Bet!

by Rob Stewart


The Benefits of a One-Day Network Transformation Workshop

by Brad O'Brien

ADVOCATE: 01.26.2019

Life at Advocate—The Premier TBM Services Company

INSIDER SUMMIT: 12.18.2018

Insider Summit: Notes from “The Evolving Role of the CIO” Panel Discussion

by Emily Hyde

INSIDER SUMMIT: 11.07.2018

Insider Summit: Notes from “Closing the Digital Talent Gap” Panel Discussion

by Angela Saldana

TBM: 11.05.2018

Advocate’s CMO Talks TBM-as-a-Service: TBM Conference 2018

INSIDER SUMMIT: 10.24.2018

Digital is the Business Strategy at the 2018 Insider Summit

by Kristin Harper

OPTIMIZATION: 08.03.2018

Advocate’s CEOs on CEO Exclusive Radio Podcast

ADVOCATE: 07.31.2018

Happy 17th Anniversary Advocate!

by Tim Wise and Scott Fogle


Advocate’s Carrisa Jones Talks about Her WIT Volunteer Award

TBM: 02.02.2018

The Importance of IT Financial Management

by Katie Massey

OPTIMIZATION: 01.19.2018

Net Neutrality and The Effect on ISPs

by Renae Price

OPTIMIZATION: 01.09.2018


by Greg Elliott

OPTIMIZATION: 01.05.2018

Phone Wars

by Greg Elliott

OPTIMIZATION: 12.18.2017

Positive or Negative on Net Neutrality?

by Greg Elliott

TBM: 12.07.2017

TFM: Changing the conversation

by Chad Doiron

TBM: 12.06.2017

TFM emerges as a solution to the IT cost battle

by Chad Doiron

TBM: 12.04.2017

Five Stages of the TBM Maturity Journey

by Chad Doiron

TBM: 12.04.2017

Delivering the Value of Your Technology: Insights to Action

by Chad Doiron

TBM: 11.16.2017

Advocate Turns Insights into Action by Sponsoring TBM Conference 2017

by Chad Doiron

INSIDER SUMMIT: 11.13.2017

Advocate’s 2017 Insider Summit Empowers Leadership in the Digital Age

by Kristin Harper

ADVOCATE: 08.29.2017

Advocate’s Co-Founder Talks Importance of Network Transformation

by Advocate

ADVOCATE: 08.28.2017

Advocate Ranks for 11th Consecutive Year on Inc. Magazine’s Annual List

by Advocate

TBM: 08.22.2017

Who is Advocate and How Does It Turn Insights into Action?

TBM: 08.09.2017

Make IT an Indispensable Business Partner

by Nick Grecco

OPTIMIZATION: 08.07.2017

Equinix Global VP of Technology—Talks ROI of Cloud Optimization

by Kristin Harper


BMC’s CIO–how he reduced his annual TEM costs by 20%

by Kristin Harper


Managed Services and Strategic Outcomes

by Jeffrey Bannister


Who’s driving digital transformation? Who should be?

by Jeffrey Bannister

ADVOCATE: 06.29.2017

Inside Tales of Offshore Hires

by Nick Grecco

ADVOCATE: 06.01.2017

Ribbon-cutting ceremony of Advocate’s office expansion

ADVOCATE: 06.01.2017

Advocate’s Office Expansion

by Advocate

OPTIMIZATION: 05.12.2017

Controlling Cloud Spending: Best Practices for Cloud Spend Optimization

by Rob Stewart

OPTIMIZATION: 05.10.2017

Controlling Cloud Spending: Why Cloud Costs Quickly Spiral Out of Control

by Rob Stewart

OPTIMIZATION: 05.08.2017

Controlling Cloud Spending: Capturing the Great Promise of the Cloud and Controlling its Costs

by Rob Stewart


Advocate’s Take on Cisco’s Intent to Acquire Viptela

by Brad O'Brien

ADVOCATE: 02.24.2017

Advocate: Works Smarter. Together with its Clients


How to Implement a Successful Network Transformation – Part 3: What to Expect.

by Brad O'Brien

OPTIMIZATION: 02.22.2017

How to Implement a Successful Network Transformation – Part 2: What Inspires Network Transformation?

by Advocate

OPTIMIZATION: 02.20.2017

How to Implement a Successful Network Transformation – Part 1: The Technology Landscape Has Rapidly Changed.

by Advocate


The Broken Promise of Telecom Expense Management – Part 3: Let’s Fix This!

by Advocate

ADVOCATE: 02.15.2017

The Broken Promise of Telecom Expense Management – Part 2: What is the Challenge?

by Advocate


The Broken Promise of Telecom Expense Management – Part 1: Why does a Challenge Exist?

by Advocate

ADVOCATE: 01.31.2017

Insiders’ Pumped Up by Advocate’s 2017 Strategy Kick-Off

by Kristin Harper

INSIDER SUMMIT: 01.23.2017

Emily Ashley Describes the 2016 Insider Summit Experience

ADVOCATE: 01.18.2017

Check Out the Highlights of Advocate’s Events from Q4 2016

by Kristin Harper


Tim Wise Talks Network Transformation at AWS re:Invent


What Is Network Transformation?

by Brad O'Brien