Pinpoint the Right IT Service Provider with Advocate Insider Marketplace

Shakeups and disruptors in the tech industry are so common today it’s difficult to know what solutions and IT service providers will best help you address business challenges today — and take your enterprise into the future. Navigating the pace of change among carriers, vendors and technology is a daunting task for even the savviest IT organizations.

Imagine having the universe of technology solutions right at your fingertips. Being able to explore thousands of data centers, map every fiber line, compare entire industries side by side and quickly assess every possible solution. No longer worrying about the pace of change — instead, remaining focused on business growth and delivering the very best user experience.

Gain Ultimate Visibility with Advocate Insider Marketplace

This is what Advocate Insider Marketplace is all about. Our ecosystem of partnerships and hundreds of supplier agreements with the industry’s leading IT vendors deliver the universe of technology solutions right to you. We partner with a master agency and have 500-plus agreements already in place with suppliers to fast-track provider selection and solution escalation — while leveraging buying power and competitive pricing.

After we determine the right type of solution for your enterprise, we vet the various providers through the use of our Pathfinder tool that can deliver the systems, software and solutions you need and recommend the top three providers in your state. Throughout the vetting process, we anticipate, research and answer the questions that haven’t even been asked yet — so you don’t have to. Rather than simply leading with tier-one providers, we often lead with disruptors that are changing the landscape of IT partnerships today. Best of all, we manage every relationship as your trusted partner committed to your success.

Here are several examples of how Advocate Insider Marketplace made a seismic difference in our clients’ businesses by being a beacon of light in a sea of IT service providers.

Reducing Voice and Network Costs

A leading private equity fund real estate management firm enlisted Advocate Insider Marketplace to find a network solutions provider that could seamlessly support the company’s core voice and data communication requirements for both multifamily and commercial properties. The company wanted to reduce its costs, integrate voice and data services for 20 commercial business offices and migrate from analog voice service to VoIP.

We vetted and recommended a local vendor with diverse voice service offerings and managed network support — as well as the potential to provide the highest cost savings. The vendor implemented a SIP Trunking solution that consolidated voice traffic across the company’s data network, replaced traditional phone services with cost-effective DIDs and eliminated toll charges for calls between the headquarters and remote offices. The vendor also implemented PBX at multifamily properties. Additionally, the vendor provided a customized billing structure to ensure that cost centers were invoiced based on their individual property connections and VoIP services.

Through this partnership with Advocate Insider Marketplace, the company realized improved cost efficiencies, rapid service design and implementation and customized solutions that met its specific requirements. A full return on investment (ROI) was achieved in less than one month, and the company reduced its network spend by 43 percent while achieving a 65 percent annual reduction on voice expenditures.

Delivering 100 Percent Uptime

A healthcare provider turned to Advocate Insider Marketplace to find a vendor to move their core critical IT systems to a nearby top tier data center facility to ensure 100 percent uptime and availability — which are critical to providing patient care. The healthcare provider also wanted to improve their existing backup solution, which was labor intensive with high operational costs and lacked disaster recovery to protect patient data.

We vetted and selected a local vendor that had a secure colocation environment in an enterprise-class data center. The facility delivered robust carrier connectivity to easily inter-connect all of the provider’s diverse sites. The vendor also provided a customized cloud solution using an on-site appliance for data protection — as well as full replication to a remote site for back-up storage.

In the end, the healthcare provider had a reliable data center infrastructure for its core systems. It realized significant improvement in recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO) in disaster scenarios with a fully managed backup solution. And the healthcare provider’s staff that were previously dedicated to data center maintenance, data backups and tape handling were reallocated to other priority tasks.  Click here to download the case study.

Untangling a Global Network

In turn, a technology services company enlisted Advocate Insider Marketplace to find the right vendor to upgrade its highly regulated global network that had grown increasingly costly and hard to manage. The company also needed app and network visibility as well as cloud and unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) plans.

Following extensive vetting by Advocate Insider Marketplace, we found the right vendor that could deliver an SP-agnostic, flexible WAN, Cloud-app SLA and UCaaS migration and virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE). Following implementation, the results were striking. The company reduced its WAN costs by 50 to 70 percent, achieved 10 to 20 times faster remote site recovery and availability, improved troubleshooting by up to 90 percent and gained huge productivity benefits. Click here to download the case study.

The Four Pillars of Advocate Insider Marketplace

Four pillars guide Advocate Insider Marketplace — visibility, expediency, value and trust.

  • Visibility — Gain access to hundreds of service providers and performance metrics for today’s most prominent systems, software and solution.
  • Expediency — In an industry where time is value, we can skip to the chase and find partners to implement critical solutions immediately.
  • Value — We engage providers daily, we know what’s working — and what isn’t. We leverage this inside knowledge and insight to enhance value and exceed expectations.
  • Trust — We’re in this together. That’s why you have direct access to the managers, engineers and visionary leaders of our partnering provides to ensure your exact standards are met.

Are you ready to leverage the deep expertise across all the technology solution providers at Advocate Insider Marketplace? Give us a call for a demo of our Pathfinder tool to see how we can help you find the right provider for your IT challenge.