If you’re interested in Network Transformation, watch Advocate’s co-founder and President Tim Wise explain how critical it is for today’s enterprises to transform their legacy network to a future state next gen network, which is scalable and cloud-enabled.


Here’s a transcript of the video for your convenience. 

Advocate Insiders is a consulting and managed services company that helps enterprise clients both transform their network and the cloud, helping them accelerate to the next generation.

So, network transformation is a very hot area today in the enterprise market.  Enterprises are trying to figure out how to transform from legacy networks that don’t have the ability to scale and interconnect in a cloud-based world, and being able to figure out a plan in a thoughtful way to get from that legacy environment into these future state next generation networks.

Our network transformation practices focused on helping enterprise clients transform their legacy networks to the next generation of networking today that enables cloud services and gives enterprises the ability to scale versus the legacy networks that can create great constraints within an enterprise environment.  We help them by helping them again through a planning phase all the way to the execution, which is implementing a next generation network.

Advocate differentiates ourselves to our clients in three ways:

(1) First through market intelligence and market perspective.  We have over 500 enterprise clients and we are working with those clients to solve very similar problems, but we bring a lot of market data from the marketplace that our clients would otherwise be very challenged to get on their own.

(2) Is we bring a lot of decision analytics.  The ability to analyze the requirements of the given technology solution and show clients the different ways in which they can go solve that and then ultimately enable them through the analytics to make the best decision for their enterprise.

(3) And then lastly is acceleration.  We have got the defined processes and methodologies that help a client move through a transformation typically four times faster than what they would do on their own.

So, our vender relationships and partner relationships are extremely important.  Our clients are counting on us to really know the marketplace and to know the innovators.  In the case of Nuvem, we have built a very extensive relationship with Nuvem, both with the executive level but more importantly at the solution level, where we have done deep dives on the solution itself, on the technology and on the overall platform.

Nuvem is a unique and good fit for our clients in the sense that they provide a very unique solution relative to others in the marketplace.  So first, it’s very simple in that you don’t have to make a device change and you don’t have to change your existing network infrastructure.  Second, they really provide a scalable solution – the ability to scale up and down the overall network as its required to reach all the new cloud applications.  Thirdly, they have got a secure solution.  Then what we often find through our engagements is our clients are looking for cost savings.  They are looking for savings in terms of their overall network costs and Nuvem is able to deliver that.

So, the recommendation that we are making to our clients today is to go do something.  This space is moving very, very quickly.  We are sitting here at re:Invent today.  The energy the transformation that’s occurring in IT and specifically in the network is transformative and happening at light speed.  We would recommend that you find a partner, doesn’t necessarily have to be Advocate and it doesn’t necessarily have to be Nuvem but go do something.  It’s not a matter of if, it’s just when and how.