Norcross, GA, March 12, 2019Advocate, The Premier TBM Services Company, announced the launch of The Technology Business Management (TBM) Executive Advisory Forum (the “Forum”) on LinkedIn. With over 200 member sign-ups in the initial two weeks, the Forum is off to a remarkable start. Members include over 16 CIOs, 40 VPs, 38 Directors, and other senior IT leaders.

This LinkedIn group was created to provide current and future TBM executives the unique opportunity to collaborate with other TBM practitioners, share insights and receive key tips from subject matter experts. Industry leaders and product experts can also share best practices, industry trends, and the latest in TBM methodologies.

TBM is a framework that provides technology leaders with standards and validated best practices to communicate the cost, quality, and value of IT investments to their business partners. In this way, TBM elevates CIOs and their teams from cost centers to strategic partners and changes the role of IT within the enterprise.

The group will hold bi-monthly gatherings to encourage information sharing with an accompanying physical location for members who are local and able to attend. The first gathering will be held on Tuesday, March 26th with the topic of TBM Value Realization: “You’ve polished the car - now it’s time to drive it!”It is an expression that IT leaders have used to express their readiness to move beyond implementation of TBM and achieve true value realization for their enterprises.

At the event, members will explore WHY value realization is such a challenge to achieve and how to demonstrate it to the C-suite and above with and without TBM. The inaugural guest speaker is Gerry Imhoff, TBM Council Leadership Board Member and CIO/VP of IT Services at Maritz. Gerry is one of the pioneers of TBM and will share insights from his TBM journey and how Maritz has realized value. For those who attended last year’s TBMC Conference, you will recall that Maritz won the 2018 Business Alignment award. Chad Doiron and Tim Pietro will host the event on behalf of Forum.

Advocate’s co-founder and President Scott Fogle explained why Advocate has chosen to support the creation and curation of this group, “It’s why Advocate does what it does … so IT leaders can “Do What Matters MORE.” “Do What Matters MORE” means CIOs must discover more savings to invest, obtain more business outcomes and generate more influence overall to optimize business value - so they can do what matters more. “Do What Matters More” is more than a slogan for Advocate. It’s the reason why we do what we do and how we do.”

Tim Pietro, Advocate’s Director of TBM Solution Architecture, added, “A clear digital strategy with the TBM framework com¬bined with a culture and leadership will drive transformation. I hope this group and its’ events will help IT leaders transform from cost center to strategic partner by shifting the conversation to business outcomes and achieve value realization.”


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Advocate helps IT leaders transform from cost center to strategic partner by shifting the conversation to business outcomes. That’s not easy when most of your resources are tied up in KTLO and you’ve got a world of other priorities vying for your attention. As the premier TBM services company with more than 600 enterprise clients, Advocate uncovers more funds to invest, enables more business outcomes and creates more influence overall. After assessing over $50 billion in IT spend, we know how to find the savings and identify the investments that will make the most impact. It’s why we’ve helped clients save over $200 million in the last two years alone. Just show us your data – and we’ll show you exactly where you can free up the working capital to do what matters more. Learn more at