Advocate, The Premier Technology Business Management (TBM) Services Company, announced today that it is a Silver sponsor of the TBM Conference 2018 scheduled for November 5-8 at the Bellagio Resort. Advocate provides TBM expertise, solutions and managed services — combining market intelligence with decision analytics — to accelerate IT value realization across the enterprise.

At booth #10, attendees will learn about how Advocate's Technology Business Management-as-a-Service (TBMaaS) solution is proving essential to IT leaders that are looking for help to win the TBM relay race. TBMaaS is the perfect hand-off of data management, system administration and reporting to a proven TBMaaS provider like Advocate. Our experts will provide insights and tips to ensure the baton doesn't get dropped during the perfect handoff — so you can do what matters more like growing and transforming your business.

In addition, Advocate's Chief Marketing Officer Chad Doiron and Director of TBM Solution Architecture Tim Pietrowill host breakout sessions both on Wednesday, November 7 from 2:50 pm – 3:40 pm.

'Technology Business Management as a Service (TBMaaS): The Perfect Hand-Off': Advocate's Chief Marketing Officer, Chad Doiron, will moderate a panel of TBM executives on the topic of achieving the value of TBM and maximizing benefits by handing off the weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual TBM "run" functions to third-party "run experts". This is an emerging operational model known as TBM-as-a-Service (TBMaaS).

'The Need for Organizational Change Management to Run IT as a Business": Advocate is excited to announce the recent hiring of 13-yr veteran industry expert and TBM thought leader, Tim Pietro, as its Director of TBM Solution Architecture. In one of his first appearances since joining the team, Tim will host a session in which he discusses key organizational change management accelerators (best practices) based on real-world examples from IT, TBM practitioners and clients.

The TBM Conference 2018 is hosted by the TBM Council, a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing and promoting best practices for managing IT like a business. More than 1,500 attendees will gather at the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas, November 5-8 to develop their skills, collaborate with peers and learn about the latest TBM technologies for managing the business of IT. Attendees will be surrounded by the most progressive IT and finance leaders in the world with one main goal: Navigate the complexities of the hybrid IT landscape.

To learn more about the TBM Conference, to register, or find out more on how to get involved with the organization, please click here. Visit for more information about Advocate and TBMaaS.


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