Create more working capital for reinvestment by streamlining spending

Many IT professionals review their IT spend day in and day out and are not convinced that outside consulting firms can pinpoint savings within their data. We agree. At the end of the day, many consulting firms come in with a few experienced professionals and run a generic IT cost optimization process that doesn’t specify where you can optimize cost. Businesses need a partner to create real tangible outcomes by benchmarking IT spend against real-life data, identify wasted spend in specific line items, and assist in reinvesting spend to drive more value.

As an example, cloud spend is a growing cost for many. Due to a massive migration to the cloud via infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) or platform-as-a-service (PaaS) providers such as Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, or Google, many companies spending $3M to $10M with providers have little to no control or visibility into their cloud costs. Here are some ways that Advocate can help you gain clarity over your cloud spend:

  • Purchase cloud from a utilization perspective rather than contractual
  • Establishing cloud governance to allocate costs out and ensure cloud products are tied to active projects, customers, etc.
  • Creating roadmap strategy for end-state
  • Optimize cost with detailed analysis of spot usage, billing constructs, architectural decisions, tiering storage, etc. as a managed service
  • Institute best practices for cloud spend

Organizations need to accelerate their growth by ensuring outcomes for IT spend optimization. Advocate will help you create an IT cost optimization plan by building your inventory, utilization, and sourcing. Want to learn more? Contact us here.