Do what matters more.

More savings to invest.

You discover new working capital through cost optimization — to attract more investment from the business itself.

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Do what matters more.

More business outcomes.

You obtain new metrics, reporting and analytics. All to unlock the business value of IT.

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Do what matters more.

More influence overall.

You get a faster, streamlined and strategic IT roadmap to help you optimize business value.

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More expertise
for the experts

Advocate works with smart companies, experts in their fields, to transform technology investments. We leverage our Technology Business Management (TBM) framework to help IT leaders move beyond bits and bytes and measure ROI in terms of business outcomes.
TBM Overview
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Better performance,
more success

We’ve helped more than 600 clients gain visibility to asset and services spend throughout the enterprise so they can continually optimize IT infrastructures. They demand best in class — we deliver it. That’s why we find our partnerships lead to an unparalleled, growing list of success stories.
Case Studies
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More services for today’s
business challenges

Advocate relies on market intelligence, decision analytics and customizable TBM services — including Strategy, Optimization, Transformation, Managed Services and with TBM-as-a-Service — to bridge the gap between your IT capabilities today — and what you’ll face tomorrow.
Services Overview

Our Comprehensive TBM Services

Our Success is Measurable

(the optimization & performance results for our clients.)

10:1 ROI
25% more savings
four times faster
98% customer satisfaction
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    Advocate’s Strategy team was essential to our TBM journey. They aligned our IT strategy to business outcomes.

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    We’ve never seen a more complete picture of our IT environment before this deliverable from Advocate.

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    Advocate’s strategic relationships with its technology providers and accumulated benchmarks helped us to achieve the lowest cost.

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    Advocate’s technology spend optimization process has been very eye-opening for me and an endeavor that was very worthwhile.

    – James Osieczanek,
    Director of Communication Services
    at Rollins, Inc.
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    We leveraged Advocate’s Managed Services for technology procurement, inventory, financial and service management to reduce our overall costs by 35% annually.

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